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Energy Solutions


Vegas Technology has access to state of the art technology in the fields of renewable energy and energy storage. Our aim is to bring these technologies to the African continent and is so doing take advantage of the current supply constraints. Battery storage linked to Solar energy solutions represents our core offering. We have partnered with Cleanspark and are specialising in the Gambling, Leisure and forestry, milling and mining sectors.

Renewable energy
Our aim is to bring about positive change on the African continent by achieving a better balance between protecting our environment and providing energy in a commercially viable way 

Solar energy is fast becoming the most viable and practical source of energy for all applications. Solar panels prices have become more affordable and this in combination with effiecient battery storage is now a solution for business and homeowners.

A complete power management solution
A holistic approach to enhancing efficiencies and developing energy independence and security.
Battery Storage
Storing energy efficiently for later use will change the world.

One of the biggest challenges in the energy field has been finding ways to efficiently store energy for later use. Most batteries have a short life span, but Tesla has designed a battery system that has a suitably long life and effectivemess to make it a viable mechanism to store energy for later use, during load shedding and for use at night to reduce energy demand at peak times

Mechanical Storage
Storing energy efficiently for later use will change the world.

Battery storage is expensive due to the limited life span, whereas our mechanical storage solutions are much more cost effective as there useful life is indefinite and dependant on scheduled maintenance being carried out

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