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Vegas technologies' primary objective is to partner experienced international slot manufacturers to bring exciting and varied gambling product to the local South African market. The industry is maturing in South Africa and there is a need for variation to keep customers stimulated.


Gambling has become urbanised in South Africa with better access, but in a well controlled and regulated environment. Customers are visiting their favourite Casino more often and their repeat visit phenomenon requires innovation on the part of gambling operators. Vegas Technologies is focused on helping operators by ensuring an affordable supply of innovative slots product. 


Vegas Technologies has identified key manufacturers based in the United States of America with top quality slots products which will perform well in the South African Gaming Market.


Diamond Game


Diamond Game, was established in 1994 and designs, manufactures, and services games and game systems for various North American gaming markets. Its early success was as an innovative leader in the Class II Native American casino market. Since 2001 they have expanded into public gaming, commercial casino, race track, and bingo markets.  Over the years, the Company has developed a reputation for being a provider of high quality gaming and lottery products and systems, and for having the only instant ticket dispenser with video approved as a Class II device by the U.S. Supreme Court.


YGI International 


YGI International began as a leading corporation in amusement game distribution and maintenance, founded 20 years ago. Since then, we have revised our business model to its present form as a premier supplier of refurbished gaming machines for the amusement and casino industries. 


Our games are supplied from direct gaming floors to fully refurbished. YGI's skilled technicians have years of experience in gaming disciplines and are capable of providing quality and completely tested refurbished equipment, parts and products to meet the needs of a varied client base in and outside of North America.



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